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Dominik Rinnhofer was born in Feldkirch/Austria

he works as freelance Szenograf and Mediaartist

Diplom Werbegestalter 1997 HTBLA Graz
Diplom Szenografie 2003 HfG Karlsruhe
Postgraduate Mediaart 2005 HfG Karlsruhe

After living and working in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt,
Paris, Las Vegas and Argentina he worked as an assistent at the New Media Lab at the Akademie of Fine Arts Prague (Prof. Bielitzky).

His work is based on interacte computerart,
and shown at following exhibitions: Reset Krakow,
Ars Electronica, Transmediale Berlin, Exit Creteil, etc.

Cooperations with
Robert LePage, Michael Simon, Christoph Schlingensief ,
Herbert Fritsch etc. for Theater and Opera