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Strange Neighbour  Danube House


Divnej Soused

Divadlo Archa
The theatrical performance Strange Neighbour builds loosely on last yearŐs project
from the Archa Theatre "At 11.20 I Will Be Leaving You!", which played with huge
success at the Bila pod Bezdozem refugee camp, and was watched by almost 1600 people in total. In contrast to last years project, which offered ordinary spectators the opportunity to enter the refugee camp and tried to portray refugees as talented and creative personalities, Strange Neighbour aims to uncover the fates of a few specific individuals as they gradually integrate into the reality of life in the Czech Republic.
What experiences do those refugees who are granted asylum and are now trying to become our neighbours go through? What must they give up, how must they adapt, and how do we have to adapt so that we no longer refer to them as "strange neighbours"?

The show is the product of close collaboration between professional artists, asylum-seekers and performers from the hip-hop scene. The real-life stories
of refugees Marina, Gugar, Jing-Lu and Khuppi are brought to life through superb and accomplished music, in which GugarŐs Armenian accordion, CossigaŐs singing and beat box and Dowis rap all intermingle. We can also look forward to a visually powerful show - Director Jana Svobodov‡ has engaged the German stage-designer and
multimedia artist Dominik Rinnhofer.

The location of the performance, the super-modern administrative building Danube House in Pragues Karlin district, also plays a significant role in the show. With its futuristic environment, unencumbered with tradition and prejudice, it acts as a catalyst, bringing together businessmen, refugees in their original professions, theatregoers and ordinary spectators.

How to get to the Danube House? You can find a map here. Concept and direction: Jana Svobodov‡ Music: Ivan Acher and Michal Nejtek Sociological collaboration and audiovisual effects: Ivo Bystian Starring: Petra Lustigov‡, Marina Ekazeva Movlakchan, Stepanka Glogarov‡, Jing Lu, Cossiga, Khupi, Dowis, and Josef Rosen. Developed in Archa TheatreŐs Archa.lab The performance will take place as part of the Czech government campaign United Against Racism and in cooperation with the Administration of Refugee Facilities We would like to thank Europolis Real Estate Asset Management .